New Burmese flag (Myanmar)

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Re: New Burmese flag (Myanmar)

Postby joannejA26 » 21 Jan 2015 18:50

The pinion, which consists of fourteen cogs, stands for the work force that forms the majority of the people in Myanmar.

The two ears of paddy consisting of thirty-four grains symbolize the peasants. The cog-wheel is symbolic of industry and the rice plant represents farming.

The Myanmar flag consists of three colors, of which, the red signifies valor and certainty, white stands for transparency and good worth, and dark blue represents honesty.

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Re: New Burmese flag (Myanmar)

Postby Meiriongwril » 27 Jan 2015 07:49

Does anyone have a link to a picture of the pinion?

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Re: New Burmese flag (Myanmar)

Postby Meinsauer » 27 Jan 2015 17:09

Meiriongwril wrote:Does anyone have a link to a picture of the pinion?

The only picture I could find was on their old flag.

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