Badge of the London Regiment

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Badge of the London Regiment

Postby Tyskaorden2 » 01 Mar 2015 12:45

The London Regiment is a unit of the British Territorial Army, their Badge from Wikimedia Commons:

In the Middle the Coat of Arms of the City of London on a Portcullis. The later a Symbol of the City of Westminister and of the British Government.

The London Regiment was raised in 1908 uniting 26 Volounteer Force Battalions of the then newly Formed County of London. The Battalions however kept their individual Badges and the Regiment as such didn't have a Badge. This Regiment was disbanded in 1938 and the Battalions transferred to be com Territorial Batalions of Regular Infantry Regiments or converted into Royal Artillery or Royal Engineers Units. In 1992 The London Regiment was reborn and this time a Regimental Badge was eventualy granted. Today the Regiment is of Battalion strength with the following Companies:

HQ (Anzio) Company
A (London Scottish) Company
B (Queen's Regiment) Company
C (City of London Fusiliers) Company
D (London Irish Rifles) Company

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