Discussions on flags used in Africa.
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Postby Marcus Wendel » 27 Jan 2008 16:13

These are the basic guidelines of this forum, just common sense basically:
* No insults are tolerated (that includes serious national and religious insults)
* No racism is tolerated
* No political discussions
* Keep the message on topic
* When quoting from a book or site, please provide info on the source (and a link if it is a website)
* Using your real name as username, or at least signing your posts with your real first name is appreciated
* Posting in the forum using more than one account is not tolerated
* Using anonymous proxies to access the forum is not tolerated
* Potentially offensive avatars are not allowed, this includes for example political avatars, violence or nudity
* Animated avatars are not allowed
* Don't use bold, large or colored text in the signature


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