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request for information

Postby Sammy » 30 Dec 2015 22:35

I am currently doing research into the flags and colours of the Irish Defence Forces. So far I have established that the Naval Service and Air Corps have their own ceremonial colour and that each of the two army brigades also have a colour. However I am a wee bit stuck on two subjects.

1. Prior to 2012 the Army consisted of three brigades 1st, 2nd and 4th responsible for the Southern, Eastern and Western zones of the island. The 1st and 2nd Brigade colours appear to be those made in (or the same design as) 1964 (when there were 6 Brigades, 2 for each zone), however I found a recent picture of the 4th Brigade colour party on their disbandment parade in 2012 and does not conform to the description GA Hayes - McCoy describes the 1964 colour. (A flag divided per pale, blue and white. The centre piece shows a device of a black eagle, partly dimidated in that its left side shows a hand holding a dagger. The eagle grasps a furze branch in its talon. There is a stylised representation of a broken bridge, in red, on the eagle's breast.) So my question is did the brigade get new colours and when? If not what is this flag in the picture?

2. I have been able find info on the naval, air corps and brigade colours, but I havn't found any info on individual regiment and unit flags, any info on these, or any historic Irish Defence Forces flags will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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