GeoXpert, a game with all flags of the world

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GeoXpert, a game with all flags of the world

Postby cazaux » 14 Jul 2017 13:42

Hi flag lovers
If like both flags and games, I've made GeoXpert for you. It's a card game. Each card has a side with a flag only and a side with the name of the country and facts such as area and population.
Each player gets a stock (9) cards shown face-flag, and the winner will be the first to empty his/her stock. A first card is put face-data on the table. It forms the starting point of a line for area and a line for population.
At his/her turn, each player places a card on the table, at the right place in one of the two lines, then names it, a only at this moment, he/her flips it to reveal its name and data. Depending if the card is well named or not, well placed or not, the player exhausts or fills his/her stock.
The cards can also be used for an entertaining quiz (what's this country?, what's its capital?, etc.).
The basic set has 100 cards/countries.
The "Diplomat" extension has 100 more, for all independent countries of the world.
Check it out on the high quality manufacturer web site

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