Blazon Help Needed

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Blazon Help Needed

Postby Flipg520 » 04 Oct 2016 20:37

I have attached a rough mock-up of my proposed coat of arms but I would like to request some help with the blazon. Any input on how to clean up the phrasing would be nice. Please be kind about the drawing though, I'm no artist for sure. Thoughts on the arms themselves are welcome as well.

Shield: Azure, a gryphon segreant brandishing in dexter foreclaw a sword and on sinister fore claw a mullet of nine points or, on a tierce or three fleur de lis azure.

Crest: rising from a torse of the colours between two wings displayed Azure with rimeges alternating Or and Azure, a mullet of nine points or charged with a fleur de lis Azure.

Mantling: Azure doubled or

Motto: Deus Solus Defficit (God alone suffices)

Someone suggested that I change "on a tierce or" to "in a dexter pale or."

Any help given is greatly appreciated.


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