POW MIA Flag And History

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POW MIA Flag And History

Postby South » 03 Oct 2008 10:06


The above links to a picture and history of the POW - MIA flag.

I have one.

As an aside, the proponents of this flag, the National League of Families of POWs and MIAs, printed a favorite bumper sticker in my collection of things. There were heated national disputes at the end of the Vietnam War as to whether there was a full accounting of all Americans in the Southeast Asian conflict. Next to their flag's logo on the bumper sticker were these 2 lines:

"We Will Not Sit Down!"
"We Will Not Shut Up!"

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Re: POW MIA Flag And History

Postby NORTHWIND » 20 Sep 2013 20:21

the links above were to an epier store we built over 10 years that had top search engine ranking the site host was to stupid to deal with hackers and we lost everything there .

try here for pow mia


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