Operation Mincemeat’s Jolly Roger flag

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Operation Mincemeat’s Jolly Roger flag

Postby Jens » 05 Dec 2013 14:35


Jens Voigt

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Re: Operation Mincemeat’s Jolly Roger flag

Postby Sammy » 05 Dec 2013 17:05

Strictly speaking of HMS Seraph the submarine which took part in the mission. The Jolly Roger has been used unofficially by the submarine service since WW1 and still is today. In WW2 a complicated bunch of symbols were added to the flags to denote the boats achievements, although no flag or symbols were official their was a trend of common symbols used. According to this flag Seraph has torpedoed 6 or possibly 8 merchant ships, 1 warship, and a U-Boat, fired her deck gun in action 6 times, laid 4 sea mines, shot down an enemy aircraft, don't know what the lighthouse means it could be unique to the Seraph, and six cloak and dagger missions including operation mince meat! :)
would love a flag like that myself but unfortunately I don't have a £14,000 laying around ;)

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