Help identifying this old flag

Need help identifying a flag? This is the place to ask.
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Help identifying this old flag

Postby samander » 02 Apr 2015 04:33

Hey guys, Im new to the forum and was wondering if you could help me out. We found this flag a while back and cant figure out what it is or how old it is. Seems to be quite old judging by the condition and the material. The only marking says "boatswain 318". I have attached an image

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Re: Help identifying this old flag

Postby Meiriongwril » 04 Apr 2015 19:57

It's difficult to tell the size from the picture, but it's likely to be a signal flag. In the International Code for signals the red saltire on white stands for the letter 'V'.
Its other uses are as St Patrick's flag, and the old flag of Jersey (British Channel Islands).

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Re: Help identifying this old flag

Postby Sammy » 16 Apr 2015 12:10

It could also be an Alabama flag, Luqa (village in Malta) or possibly a Valdivia (City in Chile) flag although the dimensions of the latter is different to the pic. Judging by the marking of "boatswain" I would say its a nautical flag. So I would agree with Meiringwril in that it is the signal flag "Victor" (V) which by itself means "I require assistance" and with numeric complements "Speed in kilometres per hour"

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